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Land Acknowledgment 

We wish to acknowledge the land on which the Children’s Art Studio Inc operates on in Toronto and our responsibility through our work to steward it well. For thousands of years, it has been the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and the Mississaugas of the (New) Credit. Today, this meeting place is still home to many First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples from across Turtle Island, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work on this land.


The Children’s Art Studio Inc. is committed to building positive self-awareness, innovative thinking, and the original expression of children. In our studio, we believe in cultivating the intrinsic creativity of every child. We highly regard the importance of providing all children with the opportunities to engage in imaginative art making, beyond the rote manufacturing of reproductions of predictable works of art, and instead, teach students to understand art making.

Our professional teaching artists, renowned TDSB visiting artists, and dedicated volunteers teach every child how to steer their own creative direction through innovative experimentation in painting, mixed media, sculpture, and printing. We are confidant that your child’s journey to self-esteem and creativity will commence with us at the Children’s Art Studio Inc.


As an integral part of Ontario’s visual arts community located in Toronto, Hamilton, and the Niagara Region, the Children’s Art Studio Inc. advocates and proliferates for the innate creativity of a child. Founded in 2009, we provide a safe, energetic, and imaginative environment for all children to engage in inspired art making processes. At the Children’s Art Studio Inc., we are committed to building positive self-awareness, innovative thinking, and original expression in every child.

Our specialized children’s arts programming is designed for your child’s explorative engagement with a plethora of techniques and visual media that center on originality. We foster your child’s inventive mind through our open-ended pedagogy with experimentation in painting, collage, sculpture, and printmaking. In our community-rooted studio, we understand and believe in the importance of engaging children in visual art making as a conduit for building confidence, pride, and self-esteem through constructive expression.


As artist-educators, we offer a variety of children’s visual art programming that we methodically design and implement for artists age three to twelve. We maintain a deep understanding of the power of the art experience and use this belief to guide our student-oriented curricula. Our programming goes beyond rote learning through monotonous masterpiece reproductions. At our studio, we focus on originality and the development of visual literacy in our contemporary Canadian culture and society.

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