Bully Free Zone Policy

The Children’s Art Studio Inc. developed the following Anti-Bullying procedure to ensure our studio is a Bully-Free zone. The Children’s Art Studio Inc. is committed to supporting all of our students through keen observation and intervening early regarding the act(s) of bullying.

Step 1: Observation and early intervention. Bullying behavior will be addressed immediately. Support will be given to both students.

Step 2: In the event that bullying persists a conversation will be held between the Children’s Art Studio Inc.’s staff and parent/legal guardians to provide support for both students.

Step 3: In the event that the bullying persists and cannot be resolved following parent/legal guardian intervention, the Children’s Art Studio Inc. holds the right to remove the instigating child (children) from the art program without refund.

Bully-Free Zone Definition
The Children’s Art Studio Inc. studio space is a Bully-Free Zone that we define as: A safe and healthy studio environment that promotes mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance among ALL students, teaching staff, volunteers, and parent/ legal guardians by practicing CARE.

Care about others
Ask an adult for help
Remember to reach out
End it

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