Our studio has developed unique curriculum, lesson plans, and educational tools for our students to learn not only the history of art, but the creative process and how art it is channelled/influenced into mainstream life. Below is a list of artists that we are currently working into our studio curriculum. These artists have been selected for both their unique creativity and their substantial influence on contemporary art and culture. Although you may not recognize them now, like Warhol they will eventually become household names and we feel their presence in our curriculum is critical.

Please click on their names to link to more info about their work. If you know of any Mohawk Indian artists from the local area, both historical and contemporary, please forward to our studio.

Merce Cunningham – NYC – Movement, dance, sound, collaboration.

Jacob Lawrence
 – NYC – Painting, illustration, story.

Katy England – UK – Clothing, fashion, moving image, collaboration.

Dr. Seuss – USA – Illustration, story, narrative.

Kiki Smith – UK – Textiles, illustration.
Artsy Page >>

Aaron Douglas – NYC – Painting

Mickalene Thomas – NYC – Painting

Tracey Emin – UK – Has broken down the barriers of ‘female’ art.
Artsy page >>

Floria Sigismondi – Local – moving images, watercolour.