Writing to thank everyone at Children’s Art Studio for providing my daughter Mia with such a fantastic week of camp at Artscape Youngplace. She had a really great time! It was such a delight to see her come home from camp every day filled with energy and joy and enthusiasm for the creative and fun projects she was working on. Fiona, Jonathan and Bethany were warm, welcoming and inspiring and they created a fun and safe environment. Thank you so much for offering this unique experience for children in our community and for nurturing Mia’s love of art and yoga. We’re so glad Mia had this week of camp!


Dear Children’s Art Studio Inc. team, I would like to thank you for your kindness in allowing me to work with you all for these past few months. I am very grateful for the wonderful Co-op experience that was given to me. With working in the studio I have gained new skills and knowledge about art. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of working with you all, from creating example art, assisting with art classes to just helping out around the studio; I have so many fond memories that I will hold dearly to my heart.

With my Co-op experience I have improved on many skills that I will be able to use in my future art career. I would like to especially thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach and properly praise young artistes works. Along with teaching I had the chance to work on and strengthen my own artistic capabilities.

This experience has allowed me to think more about what I would like to do once I finish post-secondary. I have now, through all of your mentoring on the art world have a better idea of what to expect and how to operate as a freelance artist.

In conclusion I would like to thank all of you once again for the opportunity. I humbly appreciate the generosity with all the time and effort that you have entrusted me with. I hope that all of you have had as wonderful of an experience as I did.

Dominique Diedrick

Hi Lynn, Just wanted to say thank you again for a great week. I love the projects Joely brought home and so happy that she and all the kids had a great week. Please thank your teachers they were wonderful and I am sure put in long days making sure these kids had fun! Thanks again.

Elizabeth spent all yesterday evening pretending she was still at art camp – clearly enjoyed it!
Huston Loke

“Every time you close a door you also open a new door. Picasso went through many doors. And other artists too. Then he died. And now I close and open doors and I go through. So making art goes on”. – Emilia, Srilata’s and my daughter, then five years old, said this when she came home from Lynn Jackson’s Children’s Art Studio one day. There is not much to add to that. Except, maybe, that Emilia’s statement conveys the enthusiasm, sophistication, and self-confidence Lynn Jackson’s work with art and children brings about. If Emilia not only is, because everyone of us is, but also knows to be an artist, it is thanks to Lynn Jackson’s outstanding and visionary work.
Christoph Emmrich

Dear Lynn,
Thank you again for giving Matthew a wonderful week of art and yoga camp. It was a pivotal week for him as it was the first major time he has tried something very new and experienced a developmental milestone of separation anxiety. I truly appreciate how well you handled it with your thoughtful attention to his needs by tuning into his character. It was rewarding to see how Matthew grew through the week and the pride he felt for his art creations. You have such a caring and creative way with children. It is inspiring to see what a lovely and valuable program you offer at the Children’s Art Studio and I can’t wait to tell the whole world about it!
Christine, 2013

I know I’m not the only mother who thinks her children are the most incredibly talented artists (they really are!). And I know I’m not the only mother who thinks her children’s art teacher is the bomb. Ask anyone whose kids take classes with Lynn at the Children Art Studio. My daughters love colouring and painting. They’re always busting out the markers and paper at home. But the Children’s Art Studio has taken their art making to a whole different level. They come home from class with fantastical masks adorned with feathers, adorable paper mache sculptures that double as piggy banks, self-portraits that they’ve painted in the style of Picasso, collages and murals and stories about Van Gogh, etc. Not only is Lynn terrific with children, but she always goes that extra mile to make sure that Lily, my daughter who has celiac disease, is safe when it comes to working with certain materials and feels included in everything the class is doing. We’ll definitely be signing up for the fall session!
Ronnilyn, July, 2012

After the first day of art camp, my 4-year-old son sat down at the dining room table and said, ‘Can we talk about Diego Rivera?’ He then went on to tell us all about primary colours. Amazing! And he’s having lots of fun, too.
Kristi-Ly Green, March, 2012

Dear Lynn, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much N. loves your classes. Her creative impulse is obviously really well harnessed by your projects, and she thrives in the warm environment. I’m also really impressed with the resulting work! Thanks so much.
Kristina, April, 2011

My 4 year old son is an avid artist so I decided to sign him up for some classes. Not only does my child love Lynn’s classes but he’s really learning some great skills along the way…and we will treasure the pictures Lynn sends us from time to time of our son and his classmates laughing, playing and creating….thanks Lynn!
Liza, April,2011

Lynn Jackson is a truly gifted childrens’ art instructor! She possesses the sensitivity, skills and emotional intelligence every parent dreams of in those teaching their young, impressionable children. Lynn makes all of her students feel welcome in her bright, child-friendly studio and encourages high level, hands-on creativity and exploration. She deals with classroom conflict resolution in a positive and effective manner and genuinely values the individuality of each child in her class. My daughter just loves Lynn and asks “is it art class today?” at least four days each week. It is always a very good day when I can answer “Yes!”
Debra, May 2011

I have been sending my 3 young children to Lynn Jackson’s art classes at the Art Barns for the last three years. Lynn is an extraordinary teacher who instills a love of art in kids. My children come home excited after Lynn’s art class not only because of the beautiful works of art they themselves have created but also because they are challenged to explore various mediums. She is incredibly patient and knows how to keep young children engaged. I have been quite impressed with the art skills they are mastering and the eagerness they show for returning to Lynn’s art classes week after week. We are so very lucky to have such a great artist and a wonderful teacher such as Lynn Jackson in our very own neighbourhood!
Liana Guiry, May 2011