homepage-image2 Art Classes & Workshops

Wychwood Barns | FALL 2017

Weekly Art Classes

Art Focus | Your child will explore, investigate and refine their art-making techniques in these focused classes. We will combine all mediums: fine drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and mixed media. In addition to learning technique, students will be introduced to both historical and contemporary artists and their practices. This class is appropriate for beginners and for those with a lot experience wanting to further develop techniques and skills. Fall 2017 Art Focus Classes are On Monday’s and Saturday’s.

4-6 yrs  Oct 21-Nov 25th |  9am – 10:30am | $180+HST= $203.40

7-10 yrs  Oct 21-Nov 25th | 11am – 12:30pm | $180+HST=$203.40

5-8 yrs  Oct 23-Nov 20th | 4pm – 6:00pm | $180+HST=$203.40


Felting, Knitting & Sewing Stitch, knit, purl, increase, shape and cast off unique works of textile art! In our Knitting and Sewing class, students will learn the basics of knitting and sewing as they create fun and stress-free projects of their own choosing. Inspired by both contemporary and historical artists, students will bridge the divide between art and craft. Fall 2017 Felting and Sewing classes are on Saturday afternoons.

10-12 yrs  Oct 21-Nov 25th | 1pm – 2:30pm | $180+HST=$203.40

WEE Art Our WEE Art classes skillfully combine literature with art as we aim to help prepare your child for success in school by fostering positive self awareness and assurance. Each of our WEE Art sessions dynamic show and tell gatherings! Children must be 3 or 4 yrs old to register for this class 🖤 Fall 2017 WEE Art Classes are on Thursday Mornings.

 3-4 yrs  Oct 19-Nov 23rd | 9:30am – 11:30am | $175+HST=$197.75
School Age Art en Français |DATES COMING SOON | Ce cours de dessin, peinture et autres médiums est conçu pour permettre aux enfants d’explorer leur potentiel créatif à l’aide de projets stimulants. Votre enfant apprendra ainsi à maitriser différentes techniques qui lui permettront de s’épanouir par les arts plastiques. Pastels, peinture, collage et sculpture rendez-vous. Ce cours d’art est accessible à tous les enfants de 5 à 7 ans. Venez mettre au défi votre créativité et votre imagination à travers une grande variété de médiums et techniques. Nous nous pencherons sur le travail des artistes tels que Frieda Khalo, Takashi Murakami, Mickalene Thomas, et bien d’autres.


2 Hour Workshops   FALL 2017

Explore the three C’s of the arts; creativity, collaboration and curiosity in these 2 hour workshops that are developed for children, youth and adults to explore different creative mediums without the commitment of a long term program. 

Each workshop features a project that can completed that day, or taken to be completed at home. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to enjoy new experiences, meet new challenges, and make new friends. Space is limited. Please email the studio for more info and registration.

Knitting | 8-12yrs | October 21st 3-5pm| $45+HST=$50.85
In through the front door, run around the back, hop through the window and off jumps Jack! Kids learn the basic knitting techniques to send them on the way to enjoy a wonderful, relaxing hobby.

Sculpture Plaster 7-9yrs |Oct 28th 5pm|$55+HST=$50.85
This workshop introduces kids to the basic concepts of both two and three dimensional sculpture making. Using quick set plaster, kids will take a home a unique piece of art inspired by famous historical or contemporary sculptures.

Parent & Child 3-4yrs |Oct 25th 9:30-11:30 | $45+HST=$50.85
Make discoveries, share ideas and feelings, and witness your child’s development through various mediums in these unique 2 hour workshops that are developed for a child attending with one parent or caregiver. Each workshop experiments with one medium; painting, sculpture or print-making.

Water Colour | 6-9yrs |November 4th 3-5pm $45+HST=$50.85 
After learning the basic concepts and techniques of water colour painting, kids use their imagination to explore the medium through a variety of different paintings.

Collage | 6-9yrs |November 11th 3-5pm | $45+HST=$50.85 
Inspired by Hannah Hoch and other Dadaists, this workshops leads kids through the magical medium of found objects. Using glue, paper, photographs and various other media, kids collage a unique art piece inspired by their own imagination.


Friday & Saturday Night Drop-Offs

Fri or Sat  | • 5-8yrs  | 6:30pm-8:30pm|$45+HST=$50.85 
Drop off your child with us between 6:30-9pm and have some Friday or Saturday night fun! Leave the kids with us for this 2.5 hr drop off filled with fun art making combined with some outdoor park time in the Wychwood Park Playground. Our studio is conveniently located in the St. Clair West area making this Friday night drop off a great opportunity for parents to socialize in any of the nearby eating establishments, or simply finish their weekly errands.  4 child limit. Children must be registered in advance.