Art Classes & Workshops

Weekly Art Classes at Wychwood Barns

Art Focus • 4-12yrs

$325 + HST $367.25
Tues: 5-8yrs • 4:15-6:00 pm • April 18 – June 
Tues: 8-10yrs • 6:30-8 pm • April 18 – June 6 
Sat: 4-6yrs • 9-10:30 am • April 22nd – June 24
Sat: 7-9yrs • 11-12:30 pm • April 22nd – June 24 
Sat: 9-12 yrs • 2-4pm pm • April 22nd – June 24

Your child will explore, investigate and refine their art-making techniques in this fun, creative class. We will combine all mediums: ceramics, fine drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. We will introduce students to historical and contemporary artists and their practices in addition to learning techniques. This class is appropriate for beginners and those with a lot of experience wanting to develop processes and skills further. No classes on Victoria Day or Doors Open Weekend

Fashion Illustration
Tweens and Teens • 8yrs 

$325 + HST $367.25
Mon: 4:15-6:00 pm  April 17th – June 5th 
Wed: 4:15-6:00 pm  April 19th – June 7th 

Calling all Tween and Teen Fashionistas! Join us for a super fun 8-week course! You’ll have a blast learning to draw and design your garments on paper while exploring various media such as coloured pencils, watercolour paints and pencils, collage, paint pens, gel pens, and more. Taught by Laura-Jean Bernhardson, who has enjoyed a decades-long career in Toronto’s fashion and arts communities, this course is perfect for young artists who love to draw and style their own outfits.(You may know Laura-Jean from her knitwear company, where she was known as Laura-Jean the Knitting Queen, or her stores, Fresh Collective, that featured Canadian designs, including her own.)

While the focus is on drawing, there will also be a “Fashion Arts” component where we look at historical and contemporary fashion, and talk about inclusivity, sustainability, and inclusivity in a changing fashion industry. 

Textile Art
Sewing, Embroidery, Knitting,
Felting 7-9 yrs

$325 + HST $367.25
Mon: 6:30-8pm  April 17th – June 5th 

Wed: 6:30-8pm pm  April 19th – June 7th 

Inspired by contemporary and historical textile artists Freddie Robbins, Eva Hesse, and Louis Bourgeois, join us as we knit, purl, increase/decrease, shape, and cast off unique works of textile art! In our stitch-focused class, students will learn the fundamentals of felting (wet & needle), knitting, embroidery, and sewing (machine & hand) as they create fun and stress-free projects guided by their interests. Projects will include self-portrait pillows, wall hangings, and other textile-based masterpieces.


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