Summer Camp Information

For Summer Camp information, a parent info emailer is sent out one week in advance of the camp start date.  In the meantime, here is some info that will help you prepare for the camp in advance.

Campers must arrive with  morning and afternoon snacks, a lunch and water bottle.  To help keep our campers safe, all food must be nut & seed free, fish and mustard free.


Campers must arrive with their own sunblock labelled with their name. We will re-apply when necessary.

Children must arrive ‘dressed for mess’ in clothes that can get dirty and covered in paint! This includes bathing suits. Closed toe shoes should be worn in the studio. Crocks are ideal.  Children must arrive wearing their bathing suits underneath their clothing to accommodate our yoga and spash pad/pool schedule.  Make sure to pack a hat, and apply sunblock on children before dropping off. We will help reapply sunblock when needed. Campers must bring a towel to camp each morning. Please make sure not to over-pack. All items must fit into a regular sized knapsack. Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail at all times.

Drop off & Pick Up
The camp runs from 9-4:30pm. Please do not arrive earlier than the start time. In the event that there is an emergency and you are running late for the 4:30 pick-up, please call or text us at 647 808 8590

Washroom Breaks
Children will be using the public washroom in either Artscape Youngplace or Artscape Wychwood Barns. Kids will be supervised by a teacher during washroom breaks however the Children’s Art Studio maintains a  ‘no stall’ policy. This means that teachers will not enter the individual toilet stall unless there is an emergency. Children attending this camp must be able to use the toilet stall alone.

Scooters, Bikes, Electronics and other Stuff

Cell phones and I-pads are prohibited at camp. If a parent or care-giver needs to reach us please call 647 808 8590 to speak to a teacher. Bikes and scooters must be locked up on the street. Pillows, sleeping bags, yoga matts and  over night suitcases are prohibited from the studio.  Please make sure you take all of your child’s belongings at pick-up…the studio is not responsible for lost items.


Please label your child’s clothing, hat, shoes, towel, food containers, water bottles, sunblock and any other item before dropping off at camp.