In our fast-paced world dominated by technology driven, instantaneous satisfaction and competition, it is important to set aside time for relaxation and reflection. The practice of Yoga is rooted in countering against these environmental pressures and can have a profound effect on the health and happiness of young children. In practicing Yoga, children learn to connect with their inner-self as they engage in noncompetitive physical activity.

Yoga provides children with tools to focus their mind by increasing sensitivity and creativity. At the Children’s Art Studio Inc. we recognize the benefits of practicing Yoga at an early age and have integrated the benefits of the practice into a powerful art making experience. By combining both disciplines our Yoga and Art class provides a space for your child to strengthen their inner-self through movement inspired art making.


benefits of art and yoga for children

Our Yoga and Art class will help your child:

• Develop positive self-esteem and increase self-awareness
• Promote creativity and self-expression
• Enhance flexibility, coordination and balance
• Improve concentration and attentiveness
• Encourage risk-taking and creative problem-solving
• Support a healthy lifestyle