At the Children’s Art Studio Inc., participation in art making helps equip young children with the tools necessary for developing a strong foundation for creative problem-solving and communication skills related to the larger human experience.

Beginning at an early age, engagement in art making helps to refine a child’s cognitive skills by encouraging their capacity for critical thinking. Utilizing imagination and inventiveness through play, young children more readily communicate confidence, competence and self-esteem as they participate in art making.

Therefore, as for play it is important to consider the value of early exposure and hands-on participation in the visual arts for your young artist. Our pioneering children’s studio upholds the importance of providing your child with the essential experiences to make creative, original and expressive artwork while participating in our Kinder Art class.

Our Kinder Art class will help your child:

• Develop positive self-esteem
• Expand avenues for communication
• Promote creativity and self-expression
• Encourage risk-taking
• Build and develop body and spatial awareness
• Improve fine-motor skills including hand-eye coordination
• Intensify concentration and attentiveness