The Children’s Art Studio Inc. the immense value and positive impact that early connection to the visual arts has on the cognitive development of children. We understand that active engagement in the process of art making helps equip children with the skills necessary for developing a strong foundation of essential problem-solving and communication skills. As young children naturally partake in art making activities they more easily relate to the larger human experience by using nonverbal expression.

Art activates the creative region of the brain, causing a shift in thinking with regards to facing old problems in innovative ways. Furthermore, art trains children to “think outside the box,” a skill vital for future success in the classroom and beyond. Therefore, at the Children’s Art Studio Inc. we uphold the importance of providing your child with the essential experiences to make creative, original and expressive artwork while participating in our School Age Art classes.

art for school aged children

Our School Age Art classes will help your child:

• Develop positive self-esteem and increase self-awareness
• Mature interpersonal skills
• Expand avenues for communication both verbally and nonverbally
• Promote creativity and self-expression
• Encourage risk-taking and creative problem-solving
• Intensify concentration and attentiveness
• Build and develop body awareness and spatial intelligence
• Improve fine-motor skills including hand-eye coordination