Children’s Art Studio inc recognizes that early exposure to visual art promotes activity in the brain. Participation in art making in collaboration with the loving care and guidance of adults helps to equip toddlers with the tools necessary for developing a strong foundation for communication and expression skills related to the larger human experience. Beginning at an early age, engagement in expressive and sensory art making helps to refine a child’s cognitive skills by encouraging their capacity for experimentation as guided by a caring adult.

Utilizing sensory experiences through play, toddlers begin to communicate more readily as they participate in art making. Our pioneering children’s studio upholds the importance of providing you and your toddler with the essential sensory experiences to experiment in expressive artwork side by side while participating in our Toddler and Me class.


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Toddler and Me class will help your child: 

• With opportunities to take safe risks
• Expand avenues for communication
• Promote experimentation and self-awareness
• Build and develop body and spatial awareness
• Improve fine-motor skills including hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills
• Build and strengthen the bond between you and your toddler
• Develop cognitive understanding of concepts such as colour, line and shape