Volunteer Program


 Ayumi Saga is currently a second-year Early Childhood Education student at George Brown College. After graduating from University of Matsuyama in Japan, she was teaching English and Japanese Abacus to children. Through the volunteer experience in a Canadian child care setting she realized that art often helps children to understand and share the cultural differences. She is passionate about creating things and supporting children to set and accomplish their goals. She’d love to share the fun moment and discover new world with children at the Children’s art studio.

佐賀あゆみ、George Brown Collegeにて幼児教育学を専攻している現在二年生。日本で松山大学を卒業後、英語と算盤の指導にあたる。カナダでの幼稚園でのボランティアの経験から芸術がもたらす子どもたちの文化の違いへの理解についての影響の大きさを実感する。彼女は新しいものを創り出すことと子どもたちが目標をたてて達成していくことを応援しサポートすることに熱意を持って取り組んでいる。Children’s art studioで子どもたちと新しいことに挑戦していくことを楽しみにしている。

Past Participants


mmy Lung – Since the moment she was old enough to pick up a crayon, Tammy has loved the visual arts. Growing up, Tammy’s favourite hobbies were drawing, painting, and sculpting and as technologies advanced, she discovered her passion for the digital arts as well. With a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications from Ryerson University, Tammy has worked as a graphic designer for over 6 years for various publications and clients, and most recently worked full-time as a Marketing Coordinator for Sears Canada. Tammy strongly believes in the importance of introducing the arts to children at a young age and to practice with different tools and techniques regularly in order to foster ongoing creative development, self-expression, and continuous confidence in one’s own unique abilities.


Cate Crossland is a grade 10 student at the Bishop Strachan School. Cate has always enjoyed art from a young age, and has explored her interests through taking art courses at her school. Cate loves working with children and looks forward to volunteering this summer. 



Ekaterina (Kate) Yakushina – graduated from Art School at Tomsk State University with degree in Performing Arts. She has seen the incredibly positive impact that arts education has on the learning development process of young children and enjoys bringing her background and passion to the art classes at Wychwood Barns. Kate thrives on creating an enthusiastic approach to activities and exercises that challenge and stimulate children as they express themselves through art!


Amy Inggraduated from Ontario University of Art (OCAD) after majoring in Drawing and Painting. In 2012, Amy traveled to China, where she gained experience teaching English and Art in Guangzhou, China. Amy is delighted to be volunteering at the Children’s Art Studio assisting in the School Age Art Classes.


Anita Barzon has a university degree in Performing Arts at the “University of Venice”, than she continues her studies in Cinema at “Centre D’animation des Abbesses” in Paris. Anita currently pursuing a Creative Writing Certificate at the University of Toronto. Born in Italy speaks four languages. She is very passionate about working with children and she hope to convey her love for art! “


Jenneen Marie Beattie is an artist and curator based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from OCAD University with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practices. During her studies she participated in the Mobility Exchange Program, completed a studio placement in Winchester, UK. She has exhibited and worked for a number of Ontario galleries. She was also a contributing editor and administrator of promotional materials for a critical arts journal. As a multi platform artist, Jenneen Marie often engages materials and processes of sentimental value, working with tools of comfort, tradition, and feminity. In her artwork, she often addresses feelings of nostalgia and loss. Currently, Jenneen Marie is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Education.


Joséphine Mwanvua is currently a third year OCAD University student in the Publications program. She has always loved to express herself through art since childhood, and her favorite art practice is writing. Since attending her program, Joséphine also loves silkscreening and letterpress printing. Joséphine loves working with children and hopes to one day combine her passion for publications and art into a career that enables her to help children reach their full potentials.


Laina Tsurusaki is a first-year student at York University. She is currently in the Concurrent Education program and is studying Children’s Study to gain more knowledge about the teaching career. Laina always loved working with children, and have many volunteering experiences with young students in a classroom setting. She was always passionate about art-making, and is very excited to share her love for arts with many innovative children.


Jessica Wilson– After graduating from an Advanced 2 year Photography program and an Advanced 3 year Graphic Design program, Jessica is now a full time Designer at Rogers Publishing, and freelancing on the side. In 2011 she moved to England and was able to visit a few countries in Europe gaining a new artistic point of view. Although she has no formal teacher training, she has worked with kids throughout her life and is passionate about helping develop their artistic skills. While volunteering, Jessica hopes to inspire and be inspired by the young minds that come into the Children’s Art Studio.


Candice Long is currently pursuing a B. Sc. degree at the University of Toronto. Born in China, Candice is a native Mandarin speaker. She holds Grade 10 Certificate in piano performance and has worked as a piano teaching assistant and private tutor for children from 6 to 12 years old for five years. Candice loves spending time with children and looks forward to having a great year filled with learning, laughter, art, music and most of all, fun!



 Fiona White is a recent graduate of the Master of Arts Program in Child Study and Education at The University Of Toronto. Born in Scotland, she has worked with children from age two to seventeen in several countries around the world. Fiona loves helping children to learn new art techniques and discover new talents and abilities. She is passionate about using art to help make lessons in school more engaging and believes that images and sculptures can be powerful tools to help children think and talk about big ideas.



Sabine Zigelstein – I’m in grade 10 at Harbord collegiate Institute and I have been passionate about art and music since a very young age. I thought this would be a good experience for me because I love opening young minds to the possibilities of art. I love working with different types of media and I also enjoy drawing and silkscreening.



Mari Okumura – After graduating from Hijiyama University’s ECE Program in Japan, Mari Okumura went on to work at the Hesaka Nursery School for three years. Since then, she has travelled around the world experiencing many different cultures and most recently teaching Canadian children to speak Japanese. Mari is excited to volunteer at the The Children’s Art Studio where she can gain valuable art-making techniques in an Early Childhood setting.


Janice Liu is a second-year student at the University of Toronto. She studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art prior to moving to Toronto, and loves drawing and painting in particular. By volunteering at The Children’s Art Studio, Janice not only continues to develop her own artistic practise, but also encourages our young students with their creative development. Janice will gain valuable experience working with kids of all age groups, and who knows….maybe Janice will be an art teacher one day!



 Sharon Guan is a first-year Psychology student at York University. She is very passionate about working with children and dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher. Sharon has volunteer experience in a Kindergarten classroom and a children’s recreational program. She loves assisting and motivating children through various arts and crafts. Sharon looks forward to bringing her positive attitude to The Children’s Art Studio.


Kevin Chang was born in Taiwan and emigrated to Canada in 2009. He is studying Mathematics and Economics at The University of Toronto. Although he does not have formal training in art-making, he loves art and regularly visits The Art Gallery of Ontario to see both the current exhibitions and the permanent collection. Kevin is keen to assist in the studio to gain both art-making and teaching experience.



Michele Dillon is a high school student currently attending Burnhamthorpe Collegiate in Etobicoke. Michele has been interested in the arts all her life and is excited to share her passion at The Children’s Art Studio. Michele volunteers on Wednesday afternoons during the Early Years and School Age programs.

Phons Phrasavath – As a Fashion Design and Business student at George Brown College, Phons draws her inspirations from her travels abroad and is thrilled to share her love for arts and crafts at The Children’s Art Studio.